Choose from our advantageous
packages of EnergyFlex product

We have prepared combinations of EnergyFlex packages to meet your requirements and save your time spent reordering. You will find packages for one month, three months, or up to six months in our offer. For example, order a convenient three-month package and get products for a discounted price that will save you your time and money.
Package for 1 month
(30 doses)
34.99  VAT inc.
This package is ideal for getting to know our EnergyFlex collagen. You will get to know its taste, consistency and maybe even the initial effects. The package contains 30 doses, which is the number for one month.
Packaging for 1 month
(30 doses)
16.00  VAT inc.
This package is ideal for getting to know our Magnesium + Vitamin B6. Take your time and get to know the effects of this product on your body.
Package for 3 months
(90 doses)
99.99  VAT inc.
The 3 month package contains 90 doses, which is the optimal time to observe the effects that our collagen offers. You do not have to interrupt the time of use by waiting for the next package. Your body will thank you.
Packaging for 3 months
(90 doses)
39.99  VAT inc.
A period of 3 months is optimal for observing the effects on your body. Order a dose for 3 months and don’t worry for repeat ordering.
Package for 6 months
(180 doses)
199.99  VAT inc.
This package will last you up to 6 months with a content of 180 doses. Have a supply of collagen, whose content will provide you a long-term treatment and a regular dose of collagen vitamins and nutrients for your body.
Advantageous FIT package
(30 doses)
49.99  VAT inc.
Get to know the benefits of using our products thanks to the advantageous “FIT” package. Our EnergyFlex Collagen with orange flavor creates in combination with our EnergyFlex with Magnesium + Vitamin B6, the perfect combination for regeneration and well-being.